changing of the guard

The ‘Changing of the Guard’ ceremony began in the 15th century during the reign of King Henry VII when a guard change took place at the Tower of London. Since then, this has evolved significantly. Figuratively speaking, any situation in which an individual or group with a task or responsibilities which is replaced by another individual or group, can be considered the ‘Changing Of The Guard.’

clothsurgeon dissects the meaning of traditional bespoke tailoring with the new 2023 collection with the creation of a new narrative through a street culture lens with Savile Row craftsmanship.

The ‘Changing of the Guard’ collection furthers the evolution of quiet luxury, with an array of beautiful fabrics from Loro Piana cashmere to silky suede’s and butter soft leathers, Holland & Sherry flannels, and Fox Bros gun checks to technical Japanese nylons, made with clothsurgeon’s unique signature silhouettes.

“The collection epitomises the intersection of two areas; my roots in street culture and the world of tailored craftsmanship that I’m fascinated with. My new collection offer’s a new evolving perspective with the juxtaposition of these two worlds working harmoniously. All housed on Savile Row, the greatest menswear street in the world”

Rav Matharu
Creative Director & Founder

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