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Studio ELAKFORM rests on a foundation of passion and love for the creation.
The company´s occurance comes from a dream about sharing one’s creation.

This is a 1 of 1 piece made in collaboration with Rav Matharu of clothsurgeon.

This stool is made of locally sourced ash from the island of Öland in the Baltic Sea in southern Sweden.

Making a signature stools primarily from knots, where the tree splits into a branch, the intersection.

Because of the lively grain it makes the stools so full of life and shows the traces of nature.

It has been sculpted and shaped by hand and finished with natural linseed oil.The hand carving process makes every piece unique, and they will always differ slightly from one to the other. Making it truely unique and bespoke.

The legs are made of Gullregn(Golden Rain), even those from Öland. Using old-fashioned methods, hand splitting the logs to follow the fibers, which makes them very strong . The legs are also hand-carved and then smoked with ammonia and finally treated with linseed oil. 

Height 45cm
Width 40cm
Depth 36cm

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